Wednesday, October 31, 2007


yesterday i was getting ruby ready for school. it was 40 degrees outside yesterday ( which is cold for portland-----i know some of you have colder wheather in minnesota!!!)
I told ruby she had to wear a coat today---and she was trying to make a case for wearing her jacket.
" NOOOO mommy, i want to wear a jacket today---I DONT want to wear a coat" and i said
" ruby, its really cold outside, you need to wear a coat when it is this cold"
she said " mommy, PLEEEEAZ-a, i really want to wear my ariel jacket.------do you want me to just sit around on the playground today? i really want to be a puma today and pumas dont wear big fluffy coats with fur!"

I just thought it was funny that she was so desparate in her attempt to convince me, that she had to tell me her plan of the day, and why she "needed" to wear a jacket. and that plan involved being a wild animal------who didnt have that certain wardrobe.

its sad that she feels so trapped and uncreative.


today is halloween.
ruby is being Ariel from the little mermaid.
she has so much ariel stuff that people at school call her the ariel girl.
she has ariel sneakers, ariel back pack, ariel sweatsuit, shirt and shorts.
its a little over the top.

at our ward party, ruby said before we got there,
"mom, im going to be the star----everyone is going to love my costume and they will think that im the REAL Ariel, from Disneyland."

she was convinced that people would not know she was ruby.

i love the minds of children.