Sunday, August 22, 2010

15 minutes of FAME and the EMMYS

We were enjoying our 15 minutes of fame from the old spice train. Jasons Campaign "old spice" has been getting a lot of attention. he was on CNN---and featured in the oregonian. this all began when he did some old spice spots with will ferrel.
then a few months later, they made some hilarious commercials with husky, manly men---that talked about being a real man
and then the ones with Isaiah Mustafa ( look below, everyone should recognize him by now)
and he has been a complete sensation---from being on Oprah, Ellen, Leno, Etc, etc. ( the only shabby shows he's been on :)

So, the other night , i got a fun opportunity to go out to dinner with Isaiah, and some of jasons co-workers on this account the day after they did these personal internet spots for a week.

i know, im lucky----one of the only people who got their own personal commercial from the old spice man. yes.......i know people. Jason actually wrote that for me. i knew it when i saw it because of all the silly adjectives ---he he .

so, i was cruzing along, enjoying 15 minutes of fame on the jasons coat-tails---and the old spice train---when to my udder delight---jason and his creative team win an EMMY.
what the heck??? how did this happen?? i guess jason has hit the pinnacle of his career.
maybe these are the best years of my life? gosh that is depressing. i have to go...cuz i gotta go enjoy the best years of my life. im hoping there are better years to come but what could be more amazing than an emmy---another emmy? or an oscar? i dont know. i guess i better start planning our future.

the best part of this whole deal is that jason got a picture with MAD MEN star Jon Hamm. AKA Don Draper---AHHHH---i love that show!!