Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jasons B day, April, and Easter fun

This is a picture of Jasons humble birthday party. i asked him if i could make him a red velvet cake ( the only cake he currently likes ) , but he loves doughnuts more than anything, and so he just got a bunch. its kinda pathetic. but thats what the man likes--doughnuts and bacon. 
this was just a funny happenstance. i found this in rubys back pack one day ( i think it had been there for a couple of days, because i had noticed how heavy her back pack was. she told me that it was her school assignment---and she made grandpa. i wish that i had more pictures of this, it is truly hilarious. she made grandpa with hair plugs.
Lucille and Ezra successfully took a bath together. which is amazing.
Lucille is pretty hard to keep up with these days. she gets into everything under the sun---the house is torn apart constantly by her.
Rubys basket was hidden in the coat closet in my coat!! she needed lots of clues.

Ezras basket was hidden on the side of his bunk bed under Lucilles play table. he pulled it out so hard it almost went to pieces. 
Lucille got a baby alive. and the first thing she did when she saw her basket was pull out the baby and the bottle and started feeding. she is such a little mommy.
too cute with the bunny ears. 
So that is the best i could do for this month of april.  for a little update, its a pity that i didnt get more pictures. my mom and dad were visiting, along with Samantha my sister, her husband Adam, Hazel ( only 5 months younger than Lucy) and their doggie---Toast. it was a really fun easter. i was so grateful for the opportunity to have family on Easter. 
Sami just left today. it was fun to have two cute little toddlers running around. Lucy and Hazel would randomly play together, share toys, kiss and hug eachother. it was adorable. looking forward to the days of them having sleepovers---running around playing together, and all that fun girly stuff. they are the closest Grandkids in age on my side!! actually on either of our sides. 
peace out