Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mr Mcpooh

Here are a few funny things Ezra has been saying lately . Luckily he has been funny, or else I might just put him up for adoption :)

1-When asked what he wants to do for fun, in the future of his life he said that "punching a shark"
was top on the list.

2-"i am a race-car driver, and race-car drivers dont eat peanutbutter sandwiches". And then i had to explain to him that even racecar drivers have to stop and eat or else they would be too tired to go anymore. And then he said, " your right, i am too tired to go anymore"

3-Last night while ruby was having cuddle time, and he was trying to go to sleep-- " Ruby , stop talking! Youre noising my peace and quiet!"
4-As we were in the car , waiting to turn left at the top of our street: " mom, my razor scooter is way faster than our car".
Ruby Retorted, "if there was a cheetah running on the road right now, traffic would be going way faster".

3 year olds are funny.

paper and I are not friends

I have come to the blunt conclusion-- I must have been born in an astrological sign that is anti-paper. maybe its fire, maybe its water, but its definately NOT air or anything that would condone the productivity, organization, and proliferation of paper.
Paper products, junk mail, and small slips of paper ( namely receipts)-just dont like me, and i dont like them. heck, even my "paper anniversary" didnt go off that well--as far as i can remember---wait, which one is the paper anniversary---the first?
its pretty comical. and pretty sad. im the only person i know who has piles and piles of paper junk overflowing my house. I even hired someone a while back that was suppose to help me figure out how to manage it---and while my system is awesome for doing that---you have to USE it to have it work.
What is the secret to not letting this happen? do normal people just spend an hour a day managing paper? i dont want to devote my life to managing paper!
If you know me, be a friend, dont ever give me a peice of paper with your number on it---or any other information on it please! ill just lose it , and have to come to you with my tail between my legs to tell you that its gone, and would you kindly give me the information again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I HEART forever 21

I went into the biggest Forever 21 store in history . it was at south towne mall in south jordan utah. they moved into an old abandoned mervyns building----so it was HUGE!! and the best until 10 pm .....just like mervyns.

i got lost in the jewelry section. it was mind blowing. awesome vintage looking necklaces for 12 dollars. this is totally cheesy, but it was "show stopping" that is how cool it was.
whats another word for show stopping? thats the best i could do.....peace out.