Friday, November 9, 2007

Ezra as Cinderella

On Rubys Bone marrow birthday Ezra decided he wanted a piece of the attention.
so he excitedly convinced jason that he needed to wear rubys dress up cinderella dress.

he would pat himself on the chest and say allela, allella!
that is how he says cinderella.

it was funny.
he knew he was being funny too. i hope this doesnt carry this on.
but you cant help but feel sorry
for the guy. he is going to have two sisters, and he is going to have
to play along with this for a while.

Friday, November 2, 2007

bone marrow birthday

Happy bone marrow birthday RUBY!!!!

november 7th is the day that ruby got a second chance on life.
its kinda still weird for us to celebrate two birthdays for her,
but it reminds us to be grateful, and that miracles DO happen. Ruby is celebrating
her 4th year of new bone marrow. her 4th year of being cancer free!

That day was the day we thought would never come.
it was very strange. she had about 2 weeks of chemo.
the kind of chemicals that the human body can barely tolerate
with out dying. and that is what would have happened if she had
not recieved the bone marrow
most people think that bone marrow transplant is a surgery.
it is not. it is a bag of what looks to be blood---the process is similar to a blood
transfusion. they pump the patient full of chemicals trying to destroy most all of the old
bone marrow. keeping the person right on the brink of death. and then when they look
at the blood counts seeing that the body is where it should be, they give it the healthy
bone marrow. and gradually the bone marrow grafts in the new host---and reproduces.

we are so grateful to that wonderful family/mother/baby---whoever you are, that decided to
donate their cord blood to save a life. we are also grateful to our heavenly father for letting ruby
live on this earth with us.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween party

yesterday we went to the Wieden and Kennedy work party. it was like a circus, or fair or something.
they had ponies, balloon scuptors, Santa clause, jumping blow up thingys, reptiles, face painting, crafts, and of corse, tons of treats, candy---what have you. Wieden always throws the best parties. so, if you ever get invited, you have to go.

we brought Ruby in her Mermaid costume, and Ezra in his Chicken. and I was a Nun.

it was great fun. and we were all extremely exhausted afterward. the reptiles were the coolest part, and i forgot to get pictures of the kids petting them. there were turtles, snakes, lizards of all kinds. ruby was so enchanted with the cobra that was there that she had the balloon man make her a snake to go with her costume.