Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Clause

RUby asked me the SCAAAARY question---well, it wasnt really a question. but, more of a discussion about weather or not santa is real.

she just dropped the bomb on me while i was taking her to school. I could tell that she figured it out. she is smart enough at 7 1/2 years to know if someone is trying to pull a fast one on her.
and it made me so sad. someones stupid kid told her that santa wasnt real at school.
im really mad at that kid---but i guess it was inevitable.
here is how it all started : " mom, this boy in my class said that santa is just parents that give you toys.----and I didnt know what to say" and then i said---" well, some people have different beliefs---some people believe that Jesus is not the savior, but we believe that Jesus is the savior of the world" ( and i feel so guilty for saying that now---its like----well, you believe in Jesus dont you? SO if jesus is real, so is santa) and now in hindsight ---i think that may have been a bad comparison. so, i just started talking about how magical santa is. and wanted to divert the conversation but-----AHHHHHH, what do you say?
i think she is too young to know about everything. its still so magical for her. but i know stupid kids at school are going to say stuff to her. what do i do???

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jewelry 2009 extravaganza!!!

I have to make this sound really fun, because actually it was a large pain in the $%&* cuss word.
I wanted to launch a Etsy page. not realizing the astonomical amount of time and effort it takes to manage that. I had a jewelry party for my friends. and it was really fun---and thanks to all my friends for helping me out with that!!
anyway...... i got a lot of stuff produced, and i have an Etsy page now. its :
if you end up ordering something, mention my blog, ill give you 20% off!!! Become a puma today!!!

lovely Lucille is 2 now.

SORRY, i havent posted in a while, been too engrossed in Jewelry making. but we DID have a birthday party for Lucille. and she was sick , yet again. poor baby.

This was my little angelic baby when she was one. She is still angelic, but shes a BIG baby now.
this little sweetie makes having kids seem like a dream. She is loving, pleasant, peachy, and just all around perky all the time. When she is upset about something, she cries in a very
undeniable sweet way. Listen, i know im bias. but shes perfect people!

here she is at about 1 years old----just look at that peachy little grin
this is her on her 2nd birthday ( november 16th )
she LOOOOVes chocolate. mommys girl.
she has a new love for everything elmo.
these are just some perky pics of her. she gets in these really playful moods somtimes.

I cant believe my baby's such a big girl !! i truly dont think there is a sweeter girl than Lucille.