Tuesday, September 8, 2009


School is starting, and its really official because we got the kids portraits on friday.

I guess its really hard to get all my kids to smile together. The pictures were a bit dodgy. but i refused to let it be a complete waste---and purchased them all! that way , i just couldnt justify doing it again :)
YAY!!! the kids are going off to school again. Ruby went today, and Ezra goes to preschool for the first time next week. im excited for the possibility of having a little extra time to myself. perchance- CRAFT-O-RAMA? ooooohhh the possibilities!
Im sad that summer is over. there is a chill in the air in the mornings now. i have been wearing sweaters the last two days! And, now i have to say goodbye to pools, sunny weather, my garden tomatoes and squash, and popsicles. those are all the summery things that are not the same when school starts.
But, there are great possibilities that come with "back to school" . Learning potential.
we went over Rubys goals for the year, and im excited for her to reach her goals. Here are some of them:
--Learn to tie shoes
--Learn to count money well
--Read more chapter books
--Make bed each day
--Make a goal at soccer
Shes growing up. and theres not much i can do about it. she is becoming such an asset to our family with her helping. She helps out with the other kids more than usual now, watches out for them. Its so nice to see how responsible she is becoming. Makes me feel like im not a complete failure!