Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My three year old has an agenda

I knew that i was in denial about my baby growing up. But it was for sure proved to me when she said a couple things to me this weekend. and its not necessarily WHAT she says. its HOW she says it.

As i was putting her new sweater on her for church i looked at the sleeves with a waring eye and said " hmm, these are too big for you ---we will have to roll them up".
and as i started rolling up her sleeves, she puts her hand on my arm--and looks at me sharply and says with a nodding head " mom, i can do this by mySELF".
like....DUH!! how dare you roll up my sleeves for me--cant you see that im 18 years old, and dont need someone to do this for me????

THen, this morning , as i was getting ready to go to Rubys school to make copies for the teacher,
i said--"-lucille, we are going to the school today, so we need to get ready."
she says to me---" mom, i cant go to the school today....i got some stuff to play" .
that was her agenda. she had "STUFF, to play" .
so sad that she is 3 going on 18.