Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AWESOME PAINTINGS!!!----or should i say RAD?

When we were in Utah for Thanksgiving, we picked up our paintings. 
Unbelievable right? 
we have not hung them yet, but this is where i want to hang them. 
we just have to wait for our speakers and stuff to be installed before hanging anything.

My good friend Sean Hennefer is a mighty fine artist and had cancer. 
he was holding fundraisers and art shows, and we were thrilled that he did these for us
as part of his jump starting his career!!
Im hoping that more people see these and love them like I do and contact him to commision
a painting.
we were kind of a pain to work with though :) 
sorry Sean---
we love you and are glad you are cancer free!! 

Elaine---arent you glad Lucille is wearing your work of art for an outfit?
so cute.