Monday, January 14, 2008

yo gabba gabba rules!!!

I stumbled upon this kids show a while ago.
and we love it.
its so bizarre and creative that it makes me want to go in my craft room and
start making weird stuff.
i love that it gets kids into dancing too. watch this video ---its awesome.
if you ever get a chance to watch the episode called "fun"---its our favorite.
there is a song called "party in my tummy"
its how i get ruby to eat her vegetables.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NO WAY Ezra!!!

Ezra has gotten into this little habit, or , i dont know what you call it, but he says NO WAY instead of a whole sentence.
i took this picture of him crying because it was right after i asked him " Ezra, do you need to sit on the naughty chair because you cant stop crying?" and he said "No way, naughty."
he wont say the whole sentence---he'll just say "no way" instead of " i dont want to" or " stop, or dont do that" or just instead of the word no.
he thinks that "no way" is the way you say no.
the other morning i was feeding him breakfast and he was having his typical freak out when the food was not coming fast enough. i said "Ezra, Chill out" and He said "NO way chill out"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the year of the GOLDEN pig

2007 was the year of the pig, according to the chinese zodiac.
and it just so happens that last year was the year of the "golden pig".
im not quite sure why its golden, or what makes it golden---but i do know that this only happens
every 600 years apparently , if you have a child born in the year
of the golden pig---you are set for life because that pig is going to bring you wealth and prosperity.
so, im so glad that Lucille was born on the year of the pig. cause we're gonna be rich!!!

if you google "year of the golden pig" youll find all kinds of funny articles about how chinese people didnt
need to manufacture birh control for this year and so forth.
everyone in china wanted a baby in 2007

Id like to know more on this subject if anyone knows anything.
i would like to know why the year is a golden pig, and all about where this theory came from in
chinese folklore.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Conan the Lover Cat

Conan was feeling left out of the love .
so he decided to get back into things and make his way back on my lap, no matter how intrusive.