Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Banantastic bread

The only thing that has gotten me through this day is the thought that i will be able to enjoy a piece of this bread.
Im gonna call this Triple B bread. triple b--meaning: Best, Beloved, Banantastic bread!!

I got this recipe from Stephanie Mckellar. Maybe that is why i love this bread so much. it reminds me of Stephanie when she used to live here. this bread is a lot like Stephanie---perfectly sweet and balanced.

trust me....this is the best banana bread you will ever have. double the recipe. you wont regret it. and youll get rid of that pile of costco bananas that is collecting fruit flies!!

You can do so much with this recipe. you can add pecans, walnuts, or chocolate chips ( thats what i always add)

Stephanies Banana Bread , AKA triple B bread

1 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter ( softened)
2 eggs
3 over ripe bananas mashed

Grease a regular sized loaf pan. sprinkle sugar on the bottom of the pan.
sift together dry ingredients . mix wet ingredients together.
slowly add dry ingredients to wet
Bake at 350 for 1 hour or until toothpick comes out clean.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ruby loses her top front tooth at bagley reunion

The best thing i ever did this summer was to get a pool membership at the neighborhood pool.
i know, it seems obvious, but you have to be on a waiting list to get a membership, and even if they can get you in, you have to pay an astounding amount of cash. Jason was totally against it, but its made our kids SOOOOO happy. we got our first swim lessons this summer. and the kids are like fish now. its been so nice to be able to cool off in a pool. maybe we will dig one out in our back yard :) just kidding.
Ezra cant swim, but he loves to torture whoever is in the pool by hitting them with stuff. is it too early to have testosterone poisoning?

Reunion Time!

These are the photos from our Bagley Reunion that we went to in Pine Arizona. we got back around the 2oth of June, So , it was a while ago. I am just getting around to taking a look at all our summer photos. im feeling very pathetic and sorry for my family that they have such a bad photographer. Luckily, someone in the bagley family is able to take pictures. or i wouldnt have any of these. i didnt take any of these. lucky for you.

sisters and sis in laws
Bros and Brother in laws
Ezra became a man at this reunion--- he's really embracing wild boy ways
Lucille my little darling in a swim suit
Anson, Mia, Gracie, Ruby
Ezra, Brik, Sophie
Girls crafty time
Gracie, Ruby, & Sam
We love you BAGLEY family!! it was such a fun reunion. The kids Played and played in the forts, treehouses, trampoline and waterfall outside. The Adults got to visit blissfully inside with minimal child interruption. DID I MENTION THAT WE GOT A CATERER? folks getting a caterer for your family reunions with children is the only way to do it!!!! great food, fun in the swimming holes, spa night, crafts, lazer tag---what more could want? it was an awesome reunion. thanks to all who did hard work planning. Thanks Elaine and Errol for letting us all stay up there!