Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The baby turns three!

Lucille baby turns three

all her dreams came true yesterday when we gave her a stuffed, ride-on giraffe.
she calls it "fred". And treats it as her baby. Its as big as she is , yet she takes it to every room in the house that she goes.
Its the only toy she is interested in. Unless i tell her that she can play with the play dough.
she'll drop anything for a date with playdough.

When we gave her her first present ( the night before) ....she plainly said " thanks mom" with a sweet as honey smile. and gave me a hug and kiss as if she was the happiest in her life.
SO hard not to spoil this one rotten. She always "deserves" presents. What a trial!
a perfect angel.
happy birthday sweetie!!