Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Longest Drive Ever!!!

we got back from our trip from Utah on Monday morning at 430 Am.
we left Sunday morning at 10 am.
under normal circumstances, we should have gotten home by 10 pm on sunday night.
we got caught in a blizzard and had to
use chains for half of the trip. it took six hours longer than normal.
an ear infection, a car full of sick children who were sick of being in the car all day,
and a migraine later---
we were home.
i have never been so grateful to be in my house, with all my stuff and
my problems.
it was joyful to drive down our street.
our cat was overjoyed to see us too.

Late Christmas Card

here is our late christmas card picture.
i am trying to get a valentines card out, but cant decide what picture is best.
i will post three pictures and everyone who sees, tell me which one is the
best likeness of all of us.

my second question to everyone is,
should i include a picture of the baby on this card?
i know you cant see her in any of these pictures.
but i dont know if its really that big of a deal.