Sunday, January 11, 2009

12 days of christmas

UMMMMM....there is too much freaking snow!!!!

after about a week of missing school from all the snow days and freezing rain, 
i had had enough of the snow. but i started to panic and feel bad for the kids , so i got them 
some snow clothes ( which i have never had to buy in portland before) and let them at it. 
they had a blast even though there was about 2 inches of ice on top of the snow. 
Jason read the christmas carol each night before bed. even Lucille liked it. what is funner than cuddling up to daddy?
This is the part where Santa says " now, what would you like for christmas little ruby?" and ruby replies..." well, i want a fake horse with a fake carrot" and then santa says---"OHHH, well, you ARE on my good list this year----so , that is a good sign that youll get what you want" and 
then afterwards i tell her...." well, santa only chooses the things on your list that he thinks you will LOVE........i dont think that a fake pony is one of those.
Ezra asks for a race track. but really i think he was to shy to say anything to the bearded stranger in red. 


ITs all Santas fault. 
I can blame this all on santa, because , when you do that, its like you didnt blatantly 
spoil your was just magic. and there was nothing i can do about it....
 Our house is just "too magical" and my kids were just at the top of santas "good list" 
( or at least that is what the santa at the mall told ruby when she asked for that fake pony with a rubber carrot) 
i just really got tired of the kids watching tv......i wanted some toys to spark their imaginations.
i dont really buy toys during the year----not even on their birthday's oddly enough, and 
that is because i just cant stand getting new stuff and having too much junk. 
so please dont judge,
but i was really pleased----even though i have no room for all the new stuff! 

Ezra got a Yo-Gabba Gabba Guitar that he is "ga-ga" for . there goes our little rock star. there will be a future posting of him doing a hilarious rock star dance. he must have watched the jonas brothers too many times or something.
The kids are discovering their toys on christmas morning. the spiral race track and mushroom tent were a big hit
Even Lucille loved the foam swords and wanted a duel.
AHHH, the many doors and windows of the mushroom tent. 
Here is the spread that santa brought. including the tv....which was pretty much all jason got.
but the speakers and surround sound had not been installed yet.