Sunday, July 6, 2008


Beautiful Reachel
There was no way we could get the kids to pose for the camera
the fireworks were just too exciting for them, even the baby loved them!
Andrew , using his fancy camera to make the fireworks look awesome.
Hold the sparkler AWAY from your body Ezra!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July. 
We packed up the kids and headed off to Lake Oswego. Drove around to find the best spot for fireworks, we did fireworks on our own private beach near the lake at george rogers park. 
it was AWESOME. totally private. i dont think you could have gotten a better spot if you owned your own house on the lake!!

Rose Gardens

In Four years of living here, i pathetically admit i have never been to the Famous Portland Rose Gardens. I dont know why, it was just never on my list of priorities. its free, and its amazing. the Roses go on for what seems like Eternity. you cant really fathom how many roses there are there. We just went there on Thursday with Andrew and Reachel. 
Get to the rose gardens while you can!

summer is here!!!

Ezra with the falls behind.

Oh, how i Love that Pearl!!!
What a smoosh-cake!

Here is a sampling of our visit with Andrew and Reachel this week:

Here are Reachel and Andrew in Beautiful and Pristine Lake Oswego on the Fourth
The Kids with Andrew at Washington Park 
( this is the park right next to the famous Portland Rose Gardens)

Reachel with Ezra at Multnomah Falls 
( Ezra doesnt quite get the picture thing yet)