Monday, April 28, 2008

ANGEL intervention

I have to post this because i DO beleive that miracles happen every day , and this was just a little one that i witnessed.
i was driving home from the gym. and I was messing around with my phone right before i left the parking garage.
so i put my phone in my lap, hoping the person i just texted would call me.
as i was driving and thinking about what i wanted to happen that day----awaiting the events of the day to unfold----i had a
loud voice that was panicked tell me to call my friend Kim. Ruby and her daughter had a playdate scheduled for the day.
I dont know why i felt so compelled to call, but it felt almost as if someone was shaking my shoulders demanding that i call her.
so I thought----yes, i may as well call her while i drive.
as i picked up my phone, i was trying to be careful, and presently driving--- i used the voice activation on my phone---so i didnt have to dial. but i still had to hold the phone in one hand and drive with the other. which made me drive kinda slow.
as i hung up the phone because my friend was not answering, i looked ahead, and there was a driver that ran a red light at the intersection i was about to go through.
then, the next driver behind the red light runner plunged into the intersection without looking if the light was really green. I was the one who had the green light. i could see that that driver was very suprised that he was running a red light, he was swearing and had his hands on his face----if i had been in the intersection two seconds earlier, i would have gotten hit by at least if not one, but two cars.
thanks to whatever voice was in my head, my life, and my car were spared.
so as i sat on my couch that afternoon eating lunch and relaxing, i thought---i could be in the hospital right now-or worse, the O.R. if i had been hit. who would be taking care of my kids? im SOOOO glad that i was spared!! it was one of the "tender mercies of the lord" that i was able to call a friend on my cell phone and slow down for a minute. I think it was an angel or something.
thank you ANGEL!!!
( this post does not condone cell phone use while driving!!!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lucy Update

Pictures dont really translate this well. but if you look really closely, and maybe the angle is off----you can see
that her right eye ( our left ) is a little lower.
For all you that are wondering, im sorry that it has taken so long.
But its basically a "wait and see" approach with her eye.
if her eye ball does not go back to the place where it is suppose to, then we
will explore surgery with a plastic surgeon.

in my opinion, as her neurotic mother, i think its not exactly the way it was----but, then
again, its only been two weeks, and they said it can take up to six weeks before
these kind of hematomas resolve themselves.
so, who knows.
thank you so much for your thoughts, and prayers and fasting.
i think the lords hand has been involved in her healing.
she seems perfectly normal----and the opthamologist
examined her eyes when ruby had surgery. she said that Lucilles
eye function and ability was perfectly normal. We just have to keep waiting ,
and praying that her eyeball will go back up the way that it was , and that the
swelling will go down .
thank you
much love.

Freaky Stick bug!!!

At the science museum there was a bunch of bugs and freaky stuff.
ruby and Ezra got to hold them. they were proud of themselves that they conquered their
these bugs looked like leaves. they were so weird. i was freaked out by them.
i was suprised that Ezra even wanted to hold them. he volunteered himself.

Childrens Science Museum

We went to the Science Museum this weekend
there was a really cool T-Rex that was life like and robotic.
and WOWA! look at that long neck.
my kids are totally obsessed with dinosaurs now. Ezra requests Dinosaur movies now. and we dont have any!!! o well.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ruby got Eye Surgery

This is Ruby Before her eye surgery.
She got eye surgery ( we had been waiting for this for a long time). she was a superstar and very brave.
she actually wanted eye surgery because she was sick of wearing and eye patch.
hopefully the result of this surgery will be that she does not have to wear it any more.

She went in for Eye surgery because they were correcting her Lazy eye that is a result from
her Chemo therapy. she got an infection in her eye when she was immune comprimised. it attacked her retina and
resulted in retina damage. it made her have a lazy eye because she had vision loss.
we had been waiting for this day for a long time. she has had to be very dilligent in wearing her eye patch.
its been really hard, but hopefully she will be done with the eye patch if her eyes can start tracking together now that the
muscle is moved.

pretty ironic that Lucille has some eye issues right around the time that ruby is getting her surgery.
at least our eye doctor appointments can be conjoined.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

update on Lucilles Face

we got the Ct Scan results back.
She has a fracture underneath her skull. in the orb of her eye.
apparently the skull has layers. and for babies, the underneath
layers are softer than the top.

the hematoma that formed because of the fracture is what
caused her eye to droop. we are praying that it resolves itself.
today is the first day that she is showing signs that it might be
getting better. i attribute that to much prayer and concern of
all of our families.
her eye is still bruised , and still not in its orb.
but we have found ( who we think) are really competent doctors
and surgeons.
we are hoping and praying that the bone thing will not really be an
issue. her eye brow bone is a little smashed in. she could grow,
and that might not be an issue. if it is, we are going to have to get her
plastic surgery. if there is nothing but the eye issue, we will just have
our pediatric opthamologist operate, they just go through the eyelid
and dont have to cut.
i know, its a bit morbid explaining all this ---sorry.
thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.
we know she will get better. she is such a sweet little baby.
she has had minimal complaining and fussiness.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


( these are Lucille the day before the accident. i had to post these because they are just too cute of her looking at her little dolls and being proud of them)
im not going to post any pictures of this because its just too depressing.
and its a really long story , but i will give you the short and sweet .
all week i have been to doctors. and will continue, everyday this week, until the week is
Poor Lucille got pummeled ( or what is the right word for got her face smashed with her brothers bowling ball
of a head) by her big brother.
Ezra was having issues on monday, and decided to jump off the bean bag backwards and fall onto Lucilles
face. it was totally an accident, but it could have been fatal.
it was seriously like a big bowling ball was just dropped on my precious newborns head!!

so--to make a long story short---we need everyones prayers that Lucilles face will come back to normal.
it is quite smashed . aside from that , her eye is quite sagging. it appears that she is not using her eye
like normal and that is quite alarming because that means she doesnt have vision.
so we are taking her to a trauma specialist, and she is getting a CT scan tomorrow to see if we can operate.
i dont really want any operations, but i dont want my baby to be blind either!!
please pray for our baby!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hazel Jean Wilkey

Here is some adorable pictures of my Sister Sami's new baby
She was born on march 25th .
isnt she a doll??? i am dying that i cant hold her!!!
she looks so much like sam to me. i remember playing with sami as a baby
and loving her to pieces.
she pretty much looked like this, but with redder hair.

Well, here is Lucille's favorite cousin buddy. they are only 4 months apart!!