Monday, September 15, 2008

Sick of Politics!!!

Ok, this might be a little over the top for most of you...and im warning you, if you dont want a bad opinion of might not want to continue reading . but i just cant help it. im so sick of the hypocracy, and the Jabs---from all directions , left wing----right wing. 

you need two wings to fly a plane people!!! but anyway, please know that i have not decided who im going to vote for.  i was leaning toward Obama---but now i am leaning the other way because ...well, just read my response.
and this is an email that i recieved from a friend and neighbor ( just one of the lovely aspects of living in portland-----people seem more politically charged here than most places i have been) 
read the email that i recieved and then, read my response to it. 
here is a link to the email i recieved 

my response: 
From some peoples perspcetive, if you dont believe the things as they do, you are perceived as evil. Just because Palin has strong beliefs, does not make her evil. 
The left wing believes that its acceptable to be homosexual, its acceptable to have abortions, its acceptable to tax the higher incomes and give to the lower incomes, and they have every right to those beliefs.
But, if someone believes in something contrary to what they believe, "they" are evil. 
Why is it that the right wing people cannot have similar convictions of what they believe is right? why is it that when someone has reliegious convictions, they are spat upon by the Left wing who claims to be "so accepting" of ones choices and personla experiences? i just dont understand this mentality. I was open to the idea of equality, and government control, and the idea of opening the floodgates of programs for the poor, and underpriveledged. But, i just cant stand the double standard of crap from the left wing. 
and as for Sarah Palin......
Liberals are getting quite out of hand. if there was this kind of racist, or sexist mockery to Obama---there would be a civil war proclaimed on the right wing. Its not as if she is going to be running things. How often has a vice president really had the power to change policies that they are passionate about? if that were true, wouldnt Al Gore have made incandescent bulbs, and grocery store bags illegal? Palin is simply impressive because she doesnt let anyone push her around. i think it is admirable for a woman to stand up and say ----this is what i think, deal with it. Barack Obama cannot even say that!!! he is always stepping on Eggshells to say the "right" thing. Besides that, He voted that if a baby is accidentally not aborted, and still born, that it could be killed. Who is this guy? does anyone really know? I think he is the ULTIMATE pleaser. and that is NOT an admirable quality. he comes off as a doormat.

Monday, September 8, 2008

OH GRRRGHH! She is still in love with Devin!!

I was playing some songs from the 80's on my computer when Ruby got home from school today. 

one of the songs that came on was "dont you want me baby" by the Human Leauge . ( many of you would be familiar with it) . and i was dancing, being goofy---then all my kids began to dance. 
and Ruby had been telling me since the minute that she got home from school ( its only the second week of school mind you) that she had FINALLY got Devin to play with her. ( there is a back story to this which you can access by going to earlier posts---the one called "rubys first love") long story short......Devin did NOT move to Minnesota. im not very happy about that. 
Needless to say----she is still madly obsessed with him, and thinks he belongs to her.
But in regards to the 80's song, she commented that "it would be so hilarious for me to play this song to Devin" . which i thought was SOOO funny. but the more disturbing thing that she told me just previous to that was something about her and Devin having "alone" time today. and how they told the other kids to go away and said " cant you see that we are having alone time right now?" 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ruby's first day of First grade

My Baby is all grown up!!! what will mom do with all her free time while Ruby is in school?

Ruby Picking her first Desk ever.
Ruby and her bus tag 

Eating breakfast before school 

HEY, where ya goin'?????GET BACK HERE!!!!

Here is the little peanut, "Lucy Belle." 
i am so enamored with this little one. i set her down on the floor after a bath just to grab a diaper, and get her changing table ready to dress her, and she took off. 
she is a fast little one. Trying to quickly get to the cat. SHE LOVES CATS.
She doesnt dare touch him, but she will squeal, and squeak at him while waving her arms in the air with excitement.
so cute.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Post Summer Update

I know that my lack of posts and pictures this summer are pathetic. but i really dont care. 

there is not much i care about at this time. im just glad i survived this summer. 
this may end up being a very Eyore-ish post, but im pretty bummed about portland summers. 
you try to cram every freaking thing into them , because you know that as soon as it starts raining, your life is over. and you feel this panic all summer long. you cram in swimming, and camps, walks, trips to the park, zoo, etc. 
so here are the main things that went on this summer, 

*Jason worked crazy hours and was out of town most of the summer , we saw very little of him. 
*Lucille became a pro at crawling, and is all over the place , and is obsessed with food.
*We got some raised beds and planted our first garden. we are still enjoying the fruits of that.
*Ruby went to three different theater camps this summer.
*Andrew and Reachel came to visit. 
*We Broke down and bought a Trampoline, in order to stay sane. 
*My parents , Sam , and James came to visit. we all went to seaside, 
had a blast. 
*New car + Road trip to idaho+Lava hot springs+Salt Lake city for two 
weeks= tons of fun for us and the kids.
*We saw lots of family at lava hot springs at the reunion, but still felt like 
there was not enough time!!!

So, you see , it was an eventful summer. I really am feeling guilty now, i realize 
that i didnt take many pictures. im horrible at documenting.
maybe i will find some in the camcorder---
i will continue at a later date!!! 
happy first day of school tomorrow.