Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PICTURES FROM THE PAST ....totally rad dude!!

GLAMOOOOUR. gotta love those glamour shots!! Too bad i never got one of these. why the serious face Katie?

MUSHROOM haircuts were HoTT!!
So cute. where was i? cant believe this was james. i was such a "too cool for school" teenager.
this cant be james, is it?

look at my cute little bro james.
such a cutie. you would have never known it from this picture, but he was a real spazz.
miss those freckles.

This is the best picture from my childhood ever!! I thought i was so cool.
here is me in the height of my coolness.
My "LEVI" shirt. as they were called in those days. i had a crystal necklace on. they are believed to have secret powers by hippes and natural healers....oh, and Ruby.

I love the 80's!!
speaking of the 80's----i just broke down and bought my first pair of skinny jeans for the first time since they have been in style. i know i know, they are called cigarette leg jeans. but i just feel icky calling them that. they will always be peg legs.