Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ruby's first love

Yesterday was Ruby's last day of Kindergarten

She Had been talking about this boy for days and days. i thought it was a harmless crush.
he had many admirers in the class. His name was Devin. pretty much every girl fought to have him play with them. Ruby had gotten out of the competition long ago. she is not the aggresive type. But, all of the sudden, the last two weeks of school, Devin had taken special interest in her. she came home from school last week in disbelief that he would read a book with her. 
The next day "he actually played with me mom!!" I would ask her several times why she liked him so much, and she would tell me the funny games he would play. and i must admit, when she would just tell me about him, i found him quite charming. This Little boy is moving to minnesota. I would tell Ruby everyday after school when she would start talking about him--"honey, you need to stop hanging out with him , he is moving far away, and you probably wont see him again". and she would reply " mom, I just know he will see my aunt Katie, in Minnesota, and then he will think of me every time he see's her!" 
SO, when i picked her up off of the bus for the last time of this school year. the first thing she said to me was " mom, Devin is moving to Minnesota." she immediately started to get choked up. i told her it was ok to cry and hugged her ...and she fell apart. i have never seen her like this before. she tells me about 10 times a day that she is thinking of him. she told me that last night she prayed that he would get left here and have to live with us.
it was a really sweet little crush. but i am terrified for her teenage years. how do you stop your child from falling in love? just think if she was a teenager, and the boy was not moving?

Dual purpose toy

Ezra found a toy that serves two purposes. 
he occasionally wears them, but most of the time, they serve as his car ramps. 
pretty clever. He's going to have to find many uses for all the girl toys that will be around the house now that he has TWO sisters. 

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A little something to make you happy!!!

check out this video from youtube.

its a song by the SHINS on my favorite show --YO-GABBA GABBA

I feel like this everyday. and there is something to be learned from this song.