Tuesday, May 27, 2008

URRRGHHHHH, alas, i have been tagged.

What is his name? Jason
How long have you been married ? 9 years in AUg ( gosh im getting old)
How old is he? 36 now that im telling you this, i will have to kill you
Who eats more? Him, he is such a pig
Who said I love you first? I dont remember. i think we just knew it was meant to be and didnt really ever question it.
Who is taller? He is.
Who sings better? i Do.
Who is smarter? Jason---his brain age is higher----but im cooler
Who does the laundry? i do all the colors and he sometimes does the whites
Who does the dishes? both
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? i always sleep to the right of him ( whatever that means)
Who cooks dinner? I do, mostly-----or we go out
Who drives when you are together? Jason
Who is more stubborn? He is. but he is working on it.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? We both do in different situations.
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine, because we live closer to them.
Who has more friends? Jason has more friends his age that live in all sorts of places. i have more friends in oregon.
Who has the most siblings? Jason
Who wears the pants in the family? i would have to say Jason, But, im trying to make him realize that i really am the boss.

7 Things About You Tag:Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird, whatever you are brave enough to share.~Tag people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.~Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Here it goes:

1. I love TV and dont enjoy reading books. They take too long to get to the point. i guess i dont like suspense. my favorite shows are "desperate housewives, Medium, the Bachelor, Lost, the office, ( i hate to say it, but i love these ) supernanny and wife swap.
2. I would rather be doing some kind of art or craft at all hours of the day. there is nothing i enjoy more.
3. I WISH i could have 10 kids, but because im pretty neurotic, i will probably only have four or five
4. i have a serious obsession with makeup, and Diamonds and CHOCOLATE
5. Not crazy about surprises. Good surprise yes, but you never know if you have a good one, so i would rather never have them.
6. Im a terrible Decorator. i hate things that match. and so i hesitate decorating for so long that things just look terrible.
7. I cry almost every day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

chocahaulics anonymous

I have been a chocolate fan for my whole life. and i have come to the realization that im totally addicted. a day is just not a day until i have kicked back with a square of dark chocolate. here are some of the chocolates that i have tried over a couple of months and i have finally realized which ones i love and which ones arent worth a dime. i hate to say it , but the Lindt dark chocolate is hideously disgusting!!! if you get it let me know if you like it, maybe i just got a bad batch-----but i warn you. its really sour and gross!!
The Moonstruck chocolate is a local company. their truffles are nothing to write home about , but their dark chocolate is pretty good. ( moonstruck is the red wrapper in the picture) Dagoba chocolate is just really gross. it is also very sour and has a gross bitter after taste. honestly, i dont know why this brand is popular. i also have tried the "green and blacks" brand. its good, but it has a bitter after taste. my two favorites are the Godiva Cocoiste (any kind), and the Sees premium dark. no bitter or sour after tastes. and the flavor is very superior. the chocolates with the after tastes are what gives dark chocolate a bad wrap. most people dont like dark. that is because they have never had decent chocolate. the Lindt was a complete disappointment. they are a swiss company, they make excellent milk chocolate, but its really full of fat, and cream. not good for people who want the taste of chocolate with out breaking their figures completely.BUt, if you have never tried the GOdiva chocoiste and you love chocolate, you NEED To try it. its amazing. it seems like a really pretentious brand , but its really premium.I have tried many many bars of chocolate. and this is what i think!! tell me what YOU think. i would love to try something new.

my kids love bugs!!!

Here is a picture of a baby bug ( box elder bug). they are actually kind of cute when they are babies.
my kids have spring fever, and i guess are going through a phase where they are totally obssesed with bugs!!

the prince and the pea

This picture is a souvenier for Ezra. ( i needed proof, but wanted to throw this gross thing away too!)

My Kids and i were innocently planting seeds in peat moss on tuesday.
there were peas, tomatoes, and Zucchini poured out the package of pea seeds and a couple of the peas fell on the floor.
i couldn't find them, but proceeded to plant all of them. forgetting about the previous days events i went on with my day on Wednesday. i had a hair appointment at noon, so i was carefully arranging and trying to get my responsibilities accomplished. I was kind of annoyed when Ezra would not stop whining about something. he kept coming up to me in a whiny voice saying , My nose mommy------like he could not articulate what he wanted to tell me. after the second time of complaining, he sounded a little more panicked. so i looked at his nose with concern. i could clearly see that there was something stuck up there. i didn't know what it was. i suspected it was a pea seed. because of how round it was. i asked him if it was food and he said yes "its food mommy, its food!!" so i tried getting it out with tweezers. it was too round. i tried medical clamp scissors too. it was pretty stuck. the tricky thing was is, that because it was a seed, it was getting larger, and absorbing liquid from his nose. so i tried a saline wash to try and wash it out. but it was stuck. he had enough air to breath just fine, so i felt good about that. One time, ruby had a Polly pocket shoe up her nose when she was this age, and she didn't have any room to breath. we were pretty panicked and wanted to take her to the ER. so anyway, to make a long story short---the happy ending is, that the pediatrician nurse told us to plug the nostril that was clear, and blow on his mouth ( like mouth to mouth) and it should push it out. "if it doesn't work, then you'll have to bring him in"......they said. so i tried it and after three blows it worked!!!! the pea came out. i was so excited and delighted. why doesn't someone make a handbook for weird incidences like this? it would save many trips to the doctor.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Today is Katies birthday--- ( the 20th of May)
( im holding a wine glass filled with youth serum in a toast to you!)
heres a toast to you .
a toast to cutting calories,
fat free cream cheese and daisy fat free sour cream. ( you need to start incorporating this.)
a toast to getting older and fatter.
may you get older and fatter , to catch up with the rest of
us you skinny poo bah!

Lets hope that you will be the lucky one in the family that
never has to watch the scales,
the one who magically looks good with the smallest amount of
here is to the fountain of youth!!!
also---please start saving up for my 30th birthday cruise.
we're going to greece baby
( lets visit the isle of LESBOS---hee hee)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


To all of the mothers in my life. MY mom ( Caralee) My Grandmothers ( Joann & Lucile) and my mother in law ( Elaine)
I love you, and thank heavenly father for your influence, and love.


I got four wonderful gifts from my children and husband today.
Jason gave me a beautiful necklace with an initial from each of my children ( and then a ruby and pearl on the chain too)
Ruby gave me a cute little card with us holding hands. and she sang "you are my sunshine"--while i played guitar.
Ezra helped me make my bed yesterday ( it was a small gift, but very sweet, he is an obedient little boy and quite a pleaser!)
Lucille smiles and coos to communicate how much she loves me and is happy to see me.

what more could a mom want?

i love you little bagley family!!!