Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Mediterranean

We Just got back late last night from our trip. So these are the exclusive photos. please ignore my snickery face in most of them. as i am not photogenic. but it was an AMAZING trip. the trip of a lifetime. I celebrated my birthday in Venice. and it was the best birthday ever.
FOr those who dont know, Jason and i took a mediterranean cruise to Italy and greece for my 30th birthday ( and our 10th anniversary celebration). we have never travelled without kids since we had them. it was quite a treat. thanks Errol and Elaine for making this possible!!
this is the Parthenon.
City of Athens in the background of the site of the Acropolis
More Parthenon---- its just too awesome!!
This is the NIKE temple at the Acropolis. the Ladies are so beautiful that hold it up
This is an ancient city on the Isle of Delos. ( birthplace of appolo) this city, and some of its remains date 3,000 years back. this was someones formal living room. look at the beautiful mosaic floor. you cant see the art work in the middle, but it was a god riding a tiger. one of the only peices of "tiger art" in greece.

This is Mykonos---just breathtaking
Jason just stripped down and had to go for a dip. he couldnt help himself the water was just too beautiful and warm :)
Its very humble, but this is where the light the torch for every olympics. this was taken in ancient olympia.
Taking a picture with this statue was not allowed. i got in trouble for it. but it was worth it. this was the ancient archeological museum of olympia. its where they keep all the original carved statues.
This was a beach in Katakolon ( where olympia is) . i must admit. it was a great experience. Jason was frolicking in the ocean , and i forgot my bathing suit---i had to sit around and wait for him to get his ocean time in. ahhhh--some of the ladies were topless!!
We ended our trip in venice. that place is so freakin cool!! i reccommend everyone go to venice before they die. or if you take any trips to italy----be sure to go there. they say its sinking. so ya better hurry!!
eating gelato
view of the grand canal
ALAS, one of my big regrets is not taking a gondola ride.
next time ill bring more money :)