Tuesday, October 7, 2008

cutie patooties!

today was picture day at school for ruby. Darn it, the pictures would have been so cute if ruby wouldnt have told them to do a cheesy ugly green background. who looks good with a green background? leprechans?
Ruby adores having a little sister
I had to take a picture of this because she is so tiny to be pulling herself up onto things. but unfortunately , it doesnt translate in the picture. she looks like a normal baby. but at the time, she was so tiny compared to the dishwasher stuff. i thought it looked cute.

Ezra loves being out in the garage doin stuff with dad. it just so happens that dad is cleaning out cat poop. and ezra is smiling because he doesnt have to do it.
"what is this table with a mirror on top, and what am i wearing for heavens sake?"
i sure look cute in my butterfly halloween costume. good thing mommy got it. 

heirloom tomatoes

the ones on the left are "purple" tomatoes, the ones on the far right are orange, and then yellow
and the big big ones are called "rose" tomatoes. and they are so delicious. if fast food, and other food places only used these types of tomatoes, instead of the yucky beef steak ones, more people would adore tomatoes.
Some people dont know what Heirloom tomatoes are. Heirloom tomato - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  
try this link on wikipedia. it basically means that they are non-hybridized seeds. the real deal. 
and they have more flavor than the hybridized ones. kind of meaty too. 
the thing i love most about the rose tomatoes, is that they dont have hardly any of the "slime" that normal tomatoes have. they are just all meat---really solid.

the country mouse and the city mouse

Ezra asked me to read to him today. I have been feeling guilty because instead of reading with Ezra and Ruby, i have been giving all the reading time for Ruby because of school. Im sure it was just coincedental that his mom needed some important life lessons from these stories.
this is the book he chose.

The story of the country mouse and the city mouse is about two mice who meet for a luncheon held by the country mouse and all her friends. the city mouse gets invited and wont take one nibble of the meal the country mouse proudly serves because it is much to simple for her tastes. she turns her nose up at it and says, "in the city, i dine on spice cake and wine"  she wont dance with the other mice at the party because she is used to dancing on velvet carpet. 
so she convinces the country mouse to come to the city with her and experience the finer things in life. 

they get chased by dogs and at dinner, a cat. the poor country mouse almost faints with fear. but the city mouse says " oh, he chases me all the time". 
The city was pretty, the food plentiful...-----but was it worth it for the country mouse? 
the last part of the story goes:    
"that night she told her gentle friends, "i would rather lead a simple life than dine on riches, and live in fear." 

things became so clear to me after reading this book. how often do we make our lives complicated for things that we think will be luxurious or be more convienient? its never really worth it is it? I think of my I-pod. i really dont think that all the trouble of downloading and finding music is really worth the little amount of time i actually use it.
can you think of anything else that is like this?