Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May update #2

Im finally getting a REAL wedding ring. my original one got stolen from our move 5 years ago. i took it off to help the movers and never saw it again. its my 30th birthday, and our 10th anniversary this year. and when we get back from our trip to greece, and italy, ill get to see it!! this was part of the may update i forgot .... my husband spoils me :)

May Update

THE MONTH OF MAY............
Finally after 5 years of living here. i bit the bullet and decorated my kids rooms. Lucilles is a pink baby fantasy , and Ruby's /Ezra's room is a rainbow happy land. 
Here are some pictures. the other rainbow now has clouds on it. ( but in the picture it doesnt.) 
i also have some really cute fabric for curtains. and more clouds/birds to put up. but this is how it is thus far. just need to find a rug that looks like grass ---ha ha 

Lucille LOOOOOVES stuff animals. and whenever she sees them, she just hugs and kisses them.
still hugging---perfect picture opportunities.
little miss bossy pants has also decided that now she has to eat all of her food with utensils. she thinks she is so grown up. and she is too proper to get food on her hands now.

Here is a picture of my little happy cooperative boy Ezra. he is always aiming to please. we potty trained him finally this month. and he has been so eager!! which was a surprise. 
here he is in his new swimsuit ensemble. 
Ruby continues to have bad hair days. 
This one was a little worse than normal. but sometimes she will go to school with hair like this. its such a shame that i am a hair dresser and my child will not allow me to style her hair!!
sometimes i remind her that i have a special education on how to style hair, but she doesnt believe me.