Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine

This was my favorite part of valentines day. Jason Bought me some Flowers ( which he gave me on saturday on his way home from Costco) and then yesterday he presented me with this handmade card, some chocolates from Cacao ( my favorite chocolate place) and a phillips blue light. He presented them and said " these are things that make you happy"
The blue light is supposidly the cure for winter blues. but that is yet to be poven. ill let you know about that.

I love it when Jason makes cards for me. I love his drawings. They have a magical childlike quality. I always tell him that he needs to illustrate some art for our house.
Dont you just love the squiggle lines around the heart?
This is so sweet---around the whole part of the card it says this --- 10 years, 3 kids, 6 or 7 houses, 5 jobs, 14 strollers, 1 battle with cancer, 6 cars, 3 cats, 1 hedgehog, 1 trip to greece......
and i love you more than ever.

ahhh!! he is so cute.
he scored some big points for that one.
take n0tes boys.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

GET YUR PAINT ON!----paint your own pottery----

Here are a few things that have brought sunshine and happiness into my life during this dull,
Tired--gray--depressing winter!! I cant believe how happy it makes me every time I go for the salt and pepper, or the butter---or a mug---and I grab one of these.
It just puts a smile on my face. Every sip of that Herbal tea is enjoyed more in an adorable mug.
SO.....---guess which ones I made, and guess which ones I bought.

three of these are made by hand-------yours truly
And two of them were store bought.

Ahhh! Every time I look at you salt and pepper, you melt my heart!
If you shop at Anthropologie---no fair--cuz you'll know the answer.
or maybe youll know by the shotty workmanship -- ( me) he he

Anyway-these photos are bad---cuz my camera was about to die. But I'm pleased at how my plate turned out. Just got it back. I spend three hours painting that sucker.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE paint your pottery.
Sometimes you want to be creative , but just dont want all the mess, craft store shopping, and all that.
This is such a great way to have your fun and go home. Ruby and I made some stuff last saturday.
She made a ceramic pig---and I made a plate.
How many ceramic animals can we have?? Hmmm---I dont know , I guess we'll find out.
Ruby was BEGGING me to pre-buy this cat for the next time we go there. UGGG. I hate ceramic animals. Guess I need to get her a little shelf in her room to display them cute. Then I wont hate kicking them around the house so much. Ha ha!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

catching up on life---the bagley life

8 am christmas morning. Ezra still has blankie in tow and fingers in mouth.

So i realize that i have not blogged for so long that i have some major catching up to do. not that anyone is really interested in our christmas, new years, and january, but i like to at least have it documented. Its really difficult to blog when your camera is not working---and then our computer decided to go crazy because it was too full with videos and pictures. So even though we already have an external hard-drive, and everything---we still had too much on the computer. so i had to give up blogging for a while---it just wasnt working.

this picture says a lot. Ezra got all the boys toys a boy could ask for today. Legos, star wars figurine set ( on sale ---thanks Target) , cars, and Geo Tracks.

book of mormon figurines. We never get him super hero stuff. so i figured we would start collecting these .
Ruby gave ezra "bug marbles" for christmas. they are like jewelry for boys. Tiny bugs ( real ones) encapsulated in plastic marble.
Ruby got a bunch of dollhouse furniture to put in the cardboard dollhouse we made :)
Lucille gets her very own barbie of snow white.
Ruby got a myriad of American girl Accessories. she got her first ever american girl dolls and baking set. I can see what all the fuss is about with those American Girl Dolls . they are so cute and well made. all the accessories are truly miniatures of fine made accessories.

more legos. i think he likes them


So for our New years tradition--Jason started a little thing that is a medals ceremony to celebrate each child and their abilities/personality traits of the year.
I thought it was really cute that he did that. he stayed up late making these medals out of tin foil and cut cardboard. and then labeled each one. each child got three. here are the names of them.
RUBY: halfblood award ( for finishing 1st novel) Dancing boogie girl, taekwondo volcano kicker. EZRA: Puzzle master , Mr Fix it, Taekwondo volcano puncher. LUCILLE: meek as a lamb obedience champ, best napper, hug artist.
Here they are at the award ceremony. very proud of their yearly accomplishments.
do a dance to celebrate!
Little friends at pump it up.
yes, thats my son. head first. it will be amazing if he makes it to college. he is always using his head as his first defense.

it was all woody and buzz themed. apparently costco didnt want to put a rocket on there. so we went with the woody theme.

my kids have played with this Batman batcave for hours. who knew it would be a family favorite. Ezra still dreams about saving up all his allowance so he can buy all the villains that go to it. hes so funny.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. i finally got caught up blogging about all the kids and family stuff.
now----stay tuned---im going to be putting up some awesome posts of jewelry, a new valentines line, and my crafty crafty projects as of late. and also---im really trying to get a post about favorite/life changing items of the last six months! send me an email if you have any thoughts about that time.
till next time!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My three year old has an agenda

I knew that i was in denial about my baby growing up. But it was for sure proved to me when she said a couple things to me this weekend. and its not necessarily WHAT she says. its HOW she says it.

As i was putting her new sweater on her for church i looked at the sleeves with a waring eye and said " hmm, these are too big for you ---we will have to roll them up".
and as i started rolling up her sleeves, she puts her hand on my arm--and looks at me sharply and says with a nodding head " mom, i can do this by mySELF".
like....DUH!! how dare you roll up my sleeves for me--cant you see that im 18 years old, and dont need someone to do this for me????

THen, this morning , as i was getting ready to go to Rubys school to make copies for the teacher,
i said--"-lucille, we are going to the school today, so we need to get ready."
she says to me---" mom, i cant go to the school today....i got some stuff to play" .
that was her agenda. she had "STUFF, to play" .
so sad that she is 3 going on 18.