Thursday, February 10, 2011

GET YUR PAINT ON!----paint your own pottery----

Here are a few things that have brought sunshine and happiness into my life during this dull,
Tired--gray--depressing winter!! I cant believe how happy it makes me every time I go for the salt and pepper, or the butter---or a mug---and I grab one of these.
It just puts a smile on my face. Every sip of that Herbal tea is enjoyed more in an adorable mug.
SO.....---guess which ones I made, and guess which ones I bought.

three of these are made by hand-------yours truly
And two of them were store bought.

Ahhh! Every time I look at you salt and pepper, you melt my heart!
If you shop at Anthropologie---no fair--cuz you'll know the answer.
or maybe youll know by the shotty workmanship -- ( me) he he

Anyway-these photos are bad---cuz my camera was about to die. But I'm pleased at how my plate turned out. Just got it back. I spend three hours painting that sucker.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE paint your pottery.
Sometimes you want to be creative , but just dont want all the mess, craft store shopping, and all that.
This is such a great way to have your fun and go home. Ruby and I made some stuff last saturday.
She made a ceramic pig---and I made a plate.
How many ceramic animals can we have?? Hmmm---I dont know , I guess we'll find out.
Ruby was BEGGING me to pre-buy this cat for the next time we go there. UGGG. I hate ceramic animals. Guess I need to get her a little shelf in her room to display them cute. Then I wont hate kicking them around the house so much. Ha ha!


Elizabeth said...

so cute! You are so crafty!

Nancy said...

well I'm guessing you made the plate by what you said and I'm soo impressed! Love, love, love all things bird related, so cute. What else did you make?

aryn said...

I think you bought all of them. Too cute! Love your craftiness! Wish i had one tenth of your talent.

Jill Bagley said...

you guys are all so nice. thanks for the compliments.
---i cant really take credit--cuz i had stuff to look at while i was painting it. but i did do the plate, and the jar with the green dots ( sugar jar) and the mug. which took me days and days.
i dont think talent is really a factor with paint your pottery. its just tenacity.
but its really fun--thats why i had to blog about it, BC
anyone could do it!!

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