Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Happenings for June

To kick off the summer, the girls got bangs. I made them. Thats just how i roll.
Uploaded these wrong, but i need to hurry, so ill just leave it.



Ezra and Ruby just finished summer camp this week. this was a dance preformance that Ezra did in "camp rainbow" ( he is the one with the tan long pants) . Clearly , hes into the dancing. i dont know what this means for his future endeavors.

"who let the dogs out" was the song they were dancing to.

He was frozen for the first 30 seconds with stage fright. But later, he loosens up.
This is Ruby with her "queen of hearts" that they made for an alice in wonderland puppet show in "RAZZLE DAZZLE" craft camp .
Razzle Dazzle Ruby!! their teacher was named turquoise --that just tells you about some of the hippe crafts that must have happened there. Ruby's hat is suppose to be a "sombrero" not a tea hat---she is always making hers uniquely different from everyone else.

lets just call this Pizza ---explosion of yumminess pizza. its whole wheat crust ( which was on an ever dissapointing pizza stone---cant figure out who ever gets good crust on these--i dont) but the toppings were vegetarian italian sausage, red peppers, and zuchinni--soo good.
My Absolute favorite salad. fresh salad greens from the garden. Arugula, varigated red/green , and romaine lettuce. and these killer pickled beets from the farmers market. in addition with candied pecans,orange slices, avocado, and goat cheese. top it off with home- made citrus vinagrette dressing.
this is our new addition--"peanut" . He is an African Pygmy Hedgehog-- Hes so cute!
Who can resist this face? he is really cute, its been a really great pet for our family. JUST FYI: HE'S NOT A RODENT!! People keep calling him that---but he's from the porcupine species!!
Just this week, Ruby has learned how to hold him and become very confident with his care and nurturing. Its been great to finally have a wonderful family pet. and with a lifespan of only 3 to 5 years---its perfect-- ha ha. by that time, maybe we'll be ready for a dog :)

amsterdam, dutch countryside/holland

Here are some Random pictures of our trip. I got to go for my birthday. it was a spur-of-the-moment work trip that i got to tag along on .
it was fun. i think im sort of done with travelling for a while though.
here is a cute sandwich shoppe in the Jordaan ( where we stayed) .

the canal streets are so charming.
just love the dutch architecture

these pictures are of an excursion we took to the dutch countryside and holland.
we visited a cheese/wooden shoe factory, and saw some of the most beautiful real-estate the world has.

we're in Dutch country now!

charming small town streets in some of Holland's countryside.

i loved this building. dont know if you can really get the scale of it, but its just a small building, even though it has height. it was so cute and charming.

street cafe life in the trendy and cool Jordaan ( pronounced YOUR dawn)
countryside canal

party it up on the streets of Amsterdam@!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


AHHH, i am obsessed with this tile. i want this in my bedroom behind my bed instead of wallpaper. i know--it might look cheezy---but AHHH , the glamor of it!!

If i ever build a cool house, or become a decorator---or just have complete creative freedom with a room without having to worry about resale----or something stupid----these pics are my dream!
i am going tile crazy lately!!! thats what happens when you have to pick out tile. too bad i have to pick something gray and boring because of resale.