Saturday, October 30, 2010


we took a trip to disneyland on october 4th.
disneyland in october is so cute!
there are Disney carved pumpkins everywhere, and lights. the haunted mansion is filled with
nightmare before christmas decorations. its truly a sight to behold.

we got a character breakfast on the last day.

i had always wanted to meet snow white!!

the last day was the day we took all the pictures. i would put more pictures on this blog post, but my computer couldnt handle all the pictures!! it was rainy and miserable the first two days. we had to buy disney ponchos and couldnt go on hardly any rides, or get around the park because of how cold and rainy it was. Why were you so shocked at the rain---oregonians?? well,my explanation for that is , i had only packed one warm outfit for each of us. and it was only cloudy when we packed up and left. also---going to newport beach to stay threw us off. because it wasnt right near the park. we were all so miserable and cold the first day that i didnt even want to go back!! but the last day ( friday) was crouded and sunny. all in all it wasnt the most ideal disney experience. but i look forward to making it right next time.


kateworthi said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! Wish I couldda been there. How fun to have all that Halloween stuff. I'm glad you all had a great time. Sorry about the weather though... :)

The Allred Family said...

How fun! I see Sammy--- did hazel go too?

Chintan Brahmbhatt said...

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