Monday, April 12, 2010

Self Esteem for Stay at home moms

Working or staying at home---you have just got to give yourself a pat on the back for raising balanced children and creating a loving home. its NOT EASY. And sometimes, i just want to cry when i think about the million and one ways that i might be failing at it.
Its only going to get tougher and tougher. Most likely---will try your character more and more.
if your like need more character---and more self esteem!!! here is an article that i found online --while trying to "get it together"---ARRGH. Stay At Home Moms - Self Esteem
and here is another good article about how to make your life a little more positive.
thought everyone might want to see this one Building Self Esteem .

Enjoy!! and moms----please, lets give ourselves a break :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ruby turns 8 and goes to big apple!!

Ruby Turned 8, had her grandma and grandpa Bagley in town a week before her birthday to watch them while we were in Hawaii, then we got home, had rubys birthday family party, then her Baptism, My parents came to town, stayed a couple of days. We then had a small friend party for Ruby at ceramic-cafe. Then, while we all had the stomach flu, Her and Jason got to take a little quick trip to New York for fun to stay with friends over Jasons Birthday.
Can i just sigh in relief that this month is over??? aye yae yae!!!

YUMMM birthday cake

Here is ruby at the top of the empire state building.
Lucille is Excited for birthday cake
Ruby visited the natural history museum

Happy birthday ruby!!

RUby gets baptized!!

Curly sue, thanks to Grandma Elaine!