Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Lucille

Happy 1st Birthday Lucy!!!
Dont know why, but i always go a little overboard with the cake decorating. but i can say that Ruby totally helped with this....she did the bow all by herself. and she was loving being a cake decorater. The green platter in this picture is actually my grandma Lucile's its one of my treasures. dont you just love the name Lucille written in cursive?
Today was a miserable day. every one of my kids was sick with fevers, or throwing up. Poor baby, sick on her first birthday. All of the kids stayed home from church today. We just couldnt get her to smile in any pictures. 
this is the most smiling she did in any of them. but who could blame her with a fever?
She did manage to eat a few bites of her delicious homemade carrot cake. and she loved her baby piano, and beanie kitty we got her. after an entire day at babies r us of showing her fun toys---she was most excited about the kitty---immediately cuddling and talking to the stuffed pink tiger. she is obessed with cats. if she is crying and suddenly the cat walks in the room, she greets it with a kiss sound and "OOOOHHHH". some people are just born with obsessions.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5 years cancer free!!!

the cake says " Ruby's cured----5 years healthy"
It was yet again another bone marrow birthday for ruby. This one was the biggest cause for celebration. after 5 years of being cancer free, they are considered cured!!! They would never tell us that she was cured, but after 5 years they do. It means that she has the same chance as a normal child to develop childhood cancer again
Here is Sami with her new hair cut. doesnt she look smokin hot? So nice to have a sister in town. we did tons of crafts, hair, made cards, gourmet food----it was an awesome time. 
love having someone around that is more of a homebody than me!!! was so relaxing. cant wait to have you come again-----what'd ya back in january?
Dont laugh at the pathetic cake. Ruby requested a pumpkin cake ( she has a thing for pumpkin lately) and she wanted a tinkerbell cake too. this was the best pumpkin cake, and i just went to the disney store to get a tinkerbell doll. ( the cake topper tinkerbell was ugly) but at least ruby got a doll out of it.  we also went to pump it up and jumped around with the kids--and it just so happened that they had a reptile show there. my kids were in heaven. 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visit from Sam on Halloween

Here is Sam with Hazel seeing the reptiles at the W&K annual halloween party---i posted most of these photos on my facebook page and forgot to blog about them. silly me. we had a lot of fun with sam here , she just left this morning. she is wearing my nun costume and i wore the devil horns. we drove in the van together around town as we were going to the halloween party, and a bum stopped in mid intersection to point and give us a shocked reaction. then he laughed hysterically. we realized it was because of the irony of our costumes. and i was embarrassed.

my kids love the reptiles. ruby and ezra are quite fearless.
i am totally freaked out by this lizard. it just reminds me of jurassic park. when the lizard gets mad, it has this frill around its head with little poky horns. i thought it was going to get mad. but i was trying to be brave for my kids. :)
jedi transformation into yoda
the kids right before trick or treating
free pony rides at the party---weeeeeee!!

obi wan has met his nemesis.....and not too happy about it.
this is ruby at her school parade. it was a fun little party. im glad her school celebrates halloween, the school we had her in before didnt. it was lame.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

happy happy Autumn!